Break Point

Posted in Letters From Sophie on May 18, 2010 by Sophie

Over the course of 3 months we have traveled to Hell to save a Devil, saved the universe, destroyed rivershire, and brought forth New Kalderra.

Zyn is gone I do not know what happened to her.

What I think will happen next is Hanos will open a portal to Moil and the army to fight the Elven Imperium will be mustered Kalderra has smoke powder which the Giff will love to use.

Xaxthorian wants to go find Zyn I dont know what the others want to do at this point.

All I know is after the Hell scenario I refuse to aid Malcom in anything Paladin of Sanguine or not.

Xax got his wish New Kalderra is reborn.

Hanos found Rivershire.

It comes down to me I seem to have become a Pawn of Maidyn I am not sure how I feel about that is that all she wanted from me?

I have seen all the wonders of the God Sanguine and pretty much nothing but being possessed by my God?

Is that all there is?

I had a dream about reforming my peoples goverment and making peace with the universe is that possible?

What must I do?


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I am not sure about some things. Well I am not sure about a lot of things, all I know is my dear sister Zyn has started these drills about what to do about the ship. I am fine with it but I don’t know what the deal is about this “Daddy Duty” garbage. I have to chaperon my father and make sure he does not betray us. I know Zyn has issues with our father but she is real ignorant of the fact that I have issues to… He was never there for me.

I honestly have been holding back on my potential I know for the most part the crew trusts me except for Hanos, well I don’t trust him either he hates me because I am an elf. I heard him rant to Azura about how all elves are bad and he wants to destroy the elven empire. The elven empire needs to be reformed not destroyed. I swear by Maidyn if he kills any innocents or hurts my father I will knife him in his sleep.

I’ve contemplated jumping ship and leaving everyone to their own devices but I can’t bring myself to do it now. I’ve been running to long.. I have a Sister and now I have my father on that boat.

Our travels have brought us to the planet Vulpine and to the town of New Shire an interesting place apparently Zyn made some what of a truce with dear old dad and allowed him to go on leave with us, of course the catch is Dear Sister Sophie has to watch him.. It’s so frustrating I cant do anything with my Dad tagging along. Then Zyn has the nerve to tell me dont steal anything.. Since when have I done anything of the sort? I cant steal anything because I am surrounded by followers of Sanguine.. not to mention we are trying to keep a low profile and when I decide to practice my skills Xax flips out and complains to Zyn then Zyn decides to punish everyone.. Does she even realize the phrase use it or lose it? My Sister is very bossy sometimes..

So Xax, Mal, Aiden, myself and my father all go into town. My father being the alcoholic he is decides I want to go to the tavern great I am going to be bored out of my skull. So somethings are being discussed and then Xax and Mal take off to find some people with out clueing me in on anything… Then before I know it Xax telepathically says come with me there is a problem.

Aiden takes my father back to the ship while I go find Xax and Mal apparently the string of new births are Devils..

So the priest and the champion of Sanguine go house to house to smite the devils down. All they ask of me is to guard the front door of the houses Oh my Goodness really is that all? It goes well then of course they encounter a nasty larger Devil and then ask me for help, Mal kills it easily just as I get up the stairs and we’re done with that.

So we go to the house which holds the primers the people that started all this. We find out they have been duped and that over the course of five years they have help birth a thousand children, but they want to help us.. So now the followers of Sanguine want to rid this planet of evil. So much for vacation.

Maiedyn here my prayer

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Blessed Mother,

You’ve been silent for so long yet I know you hear my prayers.

I only have one thing I can say.

How can I help you?

Blessed Mother there must be something I can do to help, Please what is it you need of me and I will do it.

The Mystic and the Priestess

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I have been working toward a goal…

According to some its  sacrilege. But I know the key to arcane and divine power is that of the ancient order of the Mystic Theurge.

Those who combine the Divine and the Arcane into one and meld their energies together.

I am close I just have to master a few key steps…..

Dark Crucible

Posted in Letters From Sophie on March 29, 2010 by Sophie

I killed a priestess in her own temple today, or should I say I assisted in the act..

I am at a loss for words. I regret casting lighting bolt. I saw the blade barrier and it was instinctive.

The King and Queen would have killed thousands.. genocide… I could not let that happen..

Xax and Malcom probably could have talked her down… Now I dont know if I can live with myself.

I am now starting to second guess everything. What purpose do I have in the universe.. Maiedyn is silent.. I had blind faith but now I am starting to see the truth.

The god Sanguine he has spoken to Malcom and Xaxthorian.. I also believe he spoke to my dear sister.. Maiedyn has never spoken too me…

I am starting to wonder if I should have obeyed my fathers wishes and married Aekblood… I would have not caused so much trouble then..

Xaxthorian, Malcom, Hanos, Zyn, Azura, Celia, Lochlann and Rylen… I care for them all I want them to be successful.. But I know whats going to happen if we run across Aekblood.. He is too powerful for them..

I know I can save them if we do run across him.. I will give myself up in exchange for their pardon. I know I can barter with him.. he wants me bad enough..

This is my test. I cant let my friends, especially my sister down I wont let it happen again.

Blessed Mother here my prayer.

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Blessed Mother,

I ask for your guidance, protection and favor.

I ask that you heal my father he does not deserve to die like this.

I pray for my sister that you will protect her as you have protected me.


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I can not allow the mass murder of my people..

Raising an army to fight the corruption is one thing but to kill innocents I will not stand for.

I will prevent genocide by crushing the head of the serpent beneath my heel.

Yes I am a thief a darn good one too!

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I don’t have much to talk about except I got one over our “Dry Boat” Priest Xaxthorian. When everyone left the boat I decided to test my skills on his magic ward. It was a dangerous risk but I felt like, “You only live once.” so I went ahead and disarmed the ward and went into Xaxthorians state room and robbed him of the expensive liquor. I met with the two blades and told them what I did and we started to enjoy my new loot. Some of the liquor was real good. Then Mir showed up and asked what we were doing he quickly discerned what we were doing and asked for some, if the bosun is ok with drinking on a dry boat then fine thats ok with me.

Then Xaxthorian and everyone else came back, he quickly found out that his ward was disarmed and threw a fit I can only imagine how he felt it must of really got under his skin I really found it funny.

Then Captain Zyn lined us up and asked the question, “Who did it?”. I admitted fault and she decided to punish everyone who was involved including Mir who protested. The punishment was scrub the weather deck with a small brush luckily we used magic so it was all fine and dandy.

I love being me!

Illithid Priests and Mir!

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Insanity… This defines the gnome Hanos “Mystic” of Rivershire. I don’t know what Rivershire he is referring to, but its not the one that once existed on this plane. He detained me in his pocket dimension for two hours, grilling me with all sorts of nonsense questions. He also does not trust me, that’s fine I don’t trust him. After popping out of the pocket dimension I appear back on the ship wanting just to take a break. Captain Zyn asks me if I am alright I reply “Yes” then suddenly like clockwork she asks me to assist the priest Xaxthorian in the mines, she sends me along with the two other crew members. I want to say I am not a thief I do not like that term. I prefer Opportunist.

So I get to the mine, did I mention I hate mines? So much hardship most mines are slave operated which I cant stand. While I understand mining is a necessity, it still leaves a negative taste in my mouth. We are asked by Xaxthorian to find a secret passage which I find with ease it just comes natural to me. Then this burly dwarf named Kreel puts a pick into the spot I marked out. Which apparently contained crust bursters nasty creatures that spit acid. I prepare for the worse but its all solved by the Mystic of Illusionary Rivershire Hanos I do give him credit he knows his patterns. We then look through the burrow and naturally find nothing and the Mystic of Illusionary Rivershire which for now I will refer to simply as Mir, dissects the creatures and finds some semi precious stones good for him. I then leave Mir to his own devices.

I then go on to see my dear friend Tilto, and I ask him about Lucas. Lucas… How I miss you so…, Tilto told me he does not know if Lucas or any of the others is alive. He asks me if I want to go with him, and this was the hardest part for me I declined because I somehow feel drawn to Captain Zyn. I feel she and her crew have a higher purpose and that Maiedyn has put me with them for a reason. I say goodbye and head to see Xaxthorian.

I come to Xaxthorians chamber slightly nervous something about him seems unnerving . I knock on his door and he lets me in. I begin to tell him why I am in the run to gain his trust he then proceeds to slam me for it, and it takes all my composure not to light him up with a spell. Then against my better judgment I submit to his mind probe after the process he says I am now part of the mind link and he reveals to me what he truly is. A MIND FLAYER! I scream in terror trying to utter a spell but my courage was sapped but I am here alive he did not kill me. Apparently he is a subrace of Mind Flayer called an Illithid. Who do not eat brains I calmed down and he seems alright but still I think I will lock my door, just incase.

I then go to the bar to get a drink to relieve the stress that was induced by finding out who Xaxthorian was plus the interrogation by Mir. When suddenly in my mind the Illithid priest says Sophie we need you. I am then taken back to the mind and he teleports myself and Mir apparently deeper underground to a village of primitive Drow called Bedim. There we meet Celia a drow warrior and some old crone. We are apparently waiting to talk to the God of this sphere Hestan a god of Storm Giants. Long story short I find out I am one of the last born across the spheres and it somehow has to do with the disappearance of Rivershire. Celia is given her gods blessing and we are teleported back to the ship. I don’t know what’s going to happen all I know is its going to be one hell of a ride.

Prayer to Maiedyn

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Blessed Mother creator of all, watch over your children.

Though darkness comes your favored children should not fear, for you are with us.

Your hand guides us on the path of righteousness.

All beings are your children and should be treated with respect and equality.

Speak to our hearts so we faithfully serve you.

Guide us so that we may not forget your voice nor corrupt your wisdom.